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Nano BBot
Nano BBot
A small, simple "Braitenbot"
that can be reconfigured in
several light-sensing modes.
$ 169 - Assembled
Ana BBot
Ana BBot
A wire-programmable
robot controlled by an
analog neural network.
$ 599 - Assembled
Phoenix II
Phoenix II
A small C-programmable
robot with non-contact
obstacle sensing.
$ 479 - Assembled
A fast reactive robot
which responds to
ambient light levels.
$ 119 - Full kit
A simple neural-based robot
which follows along walls.
$ 99 - Full kit
A collection of sensor,
actuator, and control boards
for custom designs.
$ 65 - Bare board


Download a simple "turtle graphics"-like drawing package and some sample programs. While this does not directly relate to robotics, it is a fun way to help teach programming to kids. The system runs on most PCs using Microsoft Quick Basic.


Below are links to papers describing the theory of operation for some of our robots, as well as external links to other interesting material.

These Web pages contain complete data on all of our products.

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